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Point of Entry System (POE)


Whole House Treatment

The point in your home where water enters  is called Point Of Entry (POE).  There are several water sources for your home, domestic well, municipal or private well supply, or municipal supply from an open water source.  Any of these sources can be contaminated with PFC's and may call for POE Treatment.  Our company has developed highly efficient filters to treat PFOS, PFOA and other byproducts in water and get them down to less than 35 ppt *, which is below the current EPA advisory and the NJ Standard of 40 ppt.  

Convenient Service

Our standard POE unit is a 10" diameter and 54" tall.  It should be stored in an area that will not freeze.  We provide each unit with quick connects for easy future changeouts. Our standard unit should provide at least a  year of service based on  225,000 gallons a year.  if you need to meet lower limits or want to be very conservative add another filter in series. New Hampshire and Vermont are now recommending 20ppt as a standard.  

Our filter life is an estimate is based on meeting 35 ppt of PFOA or 35 ppt PFOS in the treated water with the following maximum inlet water values:

Sulfate 200 ppm, Nitrate 31 ppm as NO3, Bicarbonate 200 ppm, Chloride 120 ppm, PFOA 1000 ppt, PFOS 1000 ppt, TOC 1 ppm max; Free Chlorine < 0.3 ppm; suspended solids < 0.1 ppm (need sediment or GAC filter ahead of the resin). Of course we give no guarantee on capacity and performance of the system as this is beyond our control.

 We have water test kits available, if the local agency has not provided you with an analysis  We can ship you the bottles and shipping labels.  You fill the sample bottles from an unfiltered source, like a hose bib and send the samples to the lab.  Once we have the analysis back  we can properly size for your home.  This service is a $400 fee. 

Disposal of Spent Media

PFC's are not a listed waste  by EPA. State and you local government may have control on how you dispose of the media. 

As the demand increases, we will soon be offering a media consolidation service and or a canister exchange out service where we ship you a serviced unit with new media and you ship back the used unit. We clean and dispose of the media for you.

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* Because of the variability of water entering the system we cannot guarantee the life of the product.