Electrocoagulation PFOS-PFOA

Electrolytic Precipitation (EP) / Electrolytic Oxidation (EOX) / Electro Coagulation (EC) PFOS-PFOA



  Electro - Precipitation (EP)  /  Electrolytic Oxidation (EOX)  / Electro - Coagulation (EC)


• Based on Faraday’s Law and the principles of Electrolysis, Adsorption and Co – Precipitation.

• Uses a Low Voltage Direct Current to Remove Multiple Contaminates via a Single Unit Process.

• Removes both Dissolved and Suspended Contaminates: Heavy Metals / Oils & Grease / VOC / TSS.

• Destroys Bacteria and Oxidizes Soluble Hydrocarbons.


Electro – Precipitation (EP)

PFC adsorbed to the active flocculate generated within the Reactor and are Co-Precipitated in 

the subsequent clarifier.

Electrolytic Oxidation (EOX) 

(1) Direct Anodic Oxidation: PFC react directly at the surface of the Anode in the Reactor.

(2) Indirect Oxidation: PFC react with Secondary Oxidants that are formed in the Reactor.


Groundwater Remediation

Wastewater treatment process

PFOS PFOA, Metals Removal